• Frankana-Freiko Bordbuch (csmpr's guide)
Frankana-Freiko Bordbuch (csmpr's guide)

Frankana Freiko Bordbuch (campers guide)


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Find more information on products and technology our Bordbuch (camper's guide)).

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The ideal complement to our Frankana Freiko catalogue. The Bordbuch informs you on more than 200 pages about the latest products and technology for motorhomes and caravans as well as free time. You will find news, detailed product information, technical background knowledge as well as tips and tricks facilitating you every day camper life. There are also News on our BORDBUCH partner Konny Reimann! The Reimann’s visited us on the Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf to get a bit of camper feeling once again. There, we used the opportunity to present to them our new project: Konny was impressed. You cannot only read about our new project inside our new BORDBUCH Edition, but also discover it on TV.
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