Mega-Clip Redwine, Double Holder
  • Mega-Clip Redwine, Double Holder

Mega-Klipp Double

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The versatile glassholder for rv and boat enthusiasts!

75 g
Depth to Fixing Hole: 630 mm
Packing Unit
2 pieces
2 Glasses
Double, red wine
Dimensions (W x D)
17.5 - 8.5 cm

The Proper Glass for Your Wine

Serving wine in proper style is also possible on the road.

Mega-Clip Standard for all common stemmed glasses like water, white wine or beer glasses. Mega-Clip Red Wine especially for long-stemmed red wine glasses, which are a little more reinforced at the filling area.

Safe feeling while travelling – No matter which glass you prefer, the trouble with broken glasses during transport is definitely passé!

Enjoy the safety and comfort of Mega-Clip and look forward to a glass of simply anything while taking a short break. With double-sided special adhesive tape 3M. Holder does not have to be screwed.

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