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EcoFlow Blade Robotic Lawn... EcoFlow Blade Robotic Lawn...
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EcoFlow Blade Robotic Lawn Mower

: 685128
The BLADE offers complete lawn care, from a quick trim to a complete renewal. Attach the lawn cleaning kit to remove unwanted debris, such as leaves, sticks and litter, from your yard. You\'ll have the most beautiful lawn in the neighborhood without any effort.

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EcoFlow Additional Battery... EcoFlow Additional Battery...
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EcoFlow Additional Battery Delta 2 Max - 2048Wh

€999.00 €1,499.00
: 323/384

If you connect the additional battery Ecoflow Delta 2 Max to the Delta 2 Max, you can double or triple the capacity from 2048 Wh to 4096 Wh or even to 6144 Wh. With the connection cable supplied as standard with the additional battery, the battery can be connected to the Delta 2 Max (also suitable for Delta 2 and Delta Max 2000).

Delivery in 10-15 days