• Slime and Algae Cleaner Schleimpur 250 ml
Slime and Algae Cleaner Schleimpur 250 ml



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Removes algae, slime, streaks and odour nuisance in the water systems.

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Schleimpur removes slime, streaks, germs and algae as well as limescale in water systems. Disinfects the water system, but must be removed fully after application. However, remaining residues are harmless. Biodegradable. 250 ml are sufficient to clean a 100 l fresh water tank. We recommend cleaning your tank system twice a year. Schleimpur was tested by the Hygienic Institution of the Ruhr Area 04/11.

Dimensions (W x D x H)
57 - 44 - 145 mm
250 g
250 ml