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  • Barbecue-Briquets 3 kg
Barbecue-Briquets 3 kg

Barbecue Charcoal


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For charcoal grills, only charcoal or briquettes are recommended as fuel.

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Barbecue Accessories
Produced with Herbal Binder

Charcoal barbecues should only be used with charcoal or briquettes as fuel. Charcoal is a little cheaper than briquettes and reaches the maximum temperature quicker, but therefore used up faster. Charcoal can be used as fuel, especially for small grilled food with short cooking time (bratwurst etc.). Briquettes need longer until they reach the right embers, but keep the heat for longer and give off a constant temperature. You can grill with grill briquettes at fairly constant temperature for up to several hours.

3 kg
3 kg