• Biodor Fat Solvent 1 l
Biodor Fat Solvent 1 l

Biodor Fat Solvent


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Cleans and removes sustainable odours with the help of microorganisms.

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Biodor detergents remove odour sources sustainably and eco-friendly whether at home, when travelling, in the kitchen, bathroom or living room. Of course, this also applies for caravans and motorhomes.

Microbiological Helpers

Bad odours often develop due to the decomposition of organic materials by bacteria. If residues form on hard to reach places, it is difficult to remove them with conventional cleaners and disinfectants. Air fresheners and fragrance dispensers provide nothing more than a short-term relief and sometimes even lead to a mixture of unpleasant odours. The Biodor detergents on a microbiological basis attack the smell source directly. The bacteria contained in BIODOR even reach cracks and crevices and remove organic residues odourless. By doing this, they steal the food from the odour causing bacteria and improve the sanitation level significantly.

Naturally Compatible

The Biodor products are exceptionally powerful and – unlike chemical cleaners – harmless to humans and nature. Therefore, these odour removers are suitable for various commercial and residential applications. The contained bacteria are not pathogenic. Biodor is not classified as a biocide and easily biodegradable.

Cleaning with Depth Effect

  • Kalkex: Removes odours, lime scale and soap residues, ideal for sanitary areas like shower, bath tub and toilet.
  • Eufakto: Lasting removal of drain and toilet odours and systematic destruction of organic residues in siphon, waste water and holding tanks.
  • Fresh: Versatile use in household and motorhome, for cleaning and odour elimination. Also suitable for sensitive materials like furniture, cushions and carpets/rugs.
  • Fresh Spray: Effective odour removal, quick and universal use. Suitable for all areas in motorhome/caravan and household as well as sport clothes, shoes and fabrics of all kinds.
  • Pet Animal Spray: Practical helper for cat and dog owners. Removes pet-related odours thoroughly and is well-tolerated by humans, animals and nature.
  • Grease Solvent: Strong, suitable for the kitchen at home, in your motorhome or at the campsite. Neutral PH, user friendly, material compatible, economical consumption.
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