Dometic LED ταινία με προφίλ αλουμινίου 2.6 m

94 651

Κατόπιν παραγγελίας (Παράδοση σε 10-15 ημέρες)


134,80 €
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Νέα | Dometic αξεσουάρ

LED light strip with modular aluminium profile, suitable for all Dometic wall awnings. It can be installed at the bottom edge of the awning without much effort and provides sufficient illumination for long nights outside. Simply put the aluminium profile pieces and attach the LED stripe across the entire length. The luminance can be regulated via the optionally available remote control ( 94 659). Supply voltage: 12 V DC.

2.6 m
Dometic LED stripes
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2.6 m