Omnistor-Markise 6300,5 x 2,5 m, Gehäuse weiß,

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Κατόπιν παραγγελίας (Παράδοση σε 10-15 ημέρες)

Compact roof awning for a length of up to 5 m.

1.196,00 €
με ΦΠΑ


  • Compact articulated arm awning for roof installation
  • Casing available in white, anodised or anthracite
  • Extension: 2.5 m (from an awning length of 3 m)
  • Individually adjustable extension-inclination angle
  • Perfect stability and fabric tension thanks to integrated tensioning arms (from an awning length of 3.75 m)
  • Reduced wrinkling thanks to patented fabric roll support
  • Robust articulated arms with double steel cable
  • Integrated tensioning arms for increased fabric tension
  • Support feet with Quick Lock system
  • With intake for an optional 3rd support foot (from an awning length of 3.75 m)
  • Front profile with rain draining system
  • Installation onto straight roofs via mounting kit with direct profiles or with roof top adapter (adhesion), to be ordered separately. Additionally available are specific adapters for rounded roofs.
  • Also available with 12 V motor
  • Motor can be retrofitted easily
34.8 kg
Χρώμα περιβλήματος
Μήκος τέντας
5 m
2.5 m
Χρώμα Υφάσματος
Mystic Grey